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Founders, who dare.
Innovations that
change the game.
Our founders are building innovations within the highly complex healthcare environment and dare to challenge the status quo for better healthcare.
Empowering patients

People make the best decisions when armed with comprehensible information.
Helping people understanding their health data.
Medicus AI empowers patients to make better decisions by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way.

People make the best decisions when armed with comprehensible information.
Feel great and stay safe in your pregnancy.
Keleya GmbH offers a digital companion during pregnancy that provides important support and more security to pregnant women. In addition, health insurance companies are able to identify issues and offer targeted health services which adds further value to future mothers.
Building Digital Health

Digital health overcomes distance and brings quality healthcare to everyone.
Communication that heals.
People are becoming more and more aware that looking after their mental condition is essential for good health. This is where eyelevel® wants to make a difference. Committed to its caring culture and based on science, expert knowledge and digital expertise, they are developing an integrated digital care solution with people at the center. Starting with ADHD, eyelevel® creates a “Coach” that facilitates everyday therapy while enabling effective communication among all stakeholders.
Enabling real-world evidence

When evidence speaks, the world listens: Generating data that matters.
The real-world evidence platform for drug effectiveness and safety.
XO Life stands for a state-of-the-art communication infrastructure enabling multidirectional drug-related information exchange between patients, medical experts and pharma to improve drug effectiveness and safety in the real-world setting.
Working on medicine that cures

Treating the cause and not the consequence – a paradigm shift for the healthcare ecosystem.
ATreg – Giving patients a definitive cure.
With ATreg, ActiTrexx's mission is to offer a one-time treatment based on specially-activated regulatory T-cells, with the aim to prevent or reduce inflammatory reactions in conditions like GvHD, solid organ transplantation and autoimmune diseases. With robust pre-clinical findings, ActiTrexx is preparing for the first human clinical study.
All about precision

User-centric biomarker testing for everyone, everywhere.
Truly accessible fluid analysis for tomorrow's diagnostics.
anvajo changes the market for laboratory testing in a disruptive way by offering a high-quality portable device and entire analytical solution for screening and monitoring diseases, e.g. CKD. The benefits are immediate and provide accurate test results at economical costs, accessible for everyone everywhere.

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Precision medicine brings the right treatment for everyone, everywhere.
Excellence in liquid biopsy analysis.
With a new minimally invasive blood test, mir|detect offers a technology with high sensitivity and specificity that allows for the early detection of testicular germ cell tumors. This test has the potential to reduce diagnostic operations, adjuvant chemotherapies, redundant cycles of chemotherapy and CT examinations. Therefore, over- and undertreatment or incorrect treatments can be avoided and radiation is reduced improving quality of life for patients.
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