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Think big,
build what
We imagine healthcare that is precise, effective, accessible and affordable. And we are as driven as you are to rewrite the standards - with investments and owned ventures.
Wanted: Game-changers across the healthcare value chain.
We are at the convergence of life sciences, data sciences and technologies, where new insights open up numerous opportunities for game-changing business models and integrated care solutions. Here, we invest in seed- and early-stage business models with high potential to transform the current healthcare system at all levels.
Let's join forces and create innovations that matter!

have an idea?

It's never too early for us to meet a founding team. We often invest at the very first stages and ideas. The earlier we invest, the earlier we can support you.

need fuel?

We are an early-stage investor with a passion for life science and healthcare. If your idea inspires us, we'd love to hear from you. Our initial investments range between 250k to 5m.

look for support?

Life science solutions can be complex, especially in healthcare. We work along with you, make connections, and help you effectively navigate towards your vision while you maintain both creative and shareholder control.
We invest in diagnostics, therapies and integrated care solutions.
But above all, in people.
Working on innovations in diagnostics, therapies, and integrated care solutions is key groundwork to creating future healthcare that is precise, effective, accessible and affordable. But the revolution requires people being dedicated to their big vision with a high degree of persistence and an eye for detail.
Let's meet and transform your idea into value!


Disruptive technologies are shedding light into the pathophysiological mechanisms of complex and rare diseases, leading to the discovery of early biomarkers for more precise disease detection and management.


Emerging therapies focus on curing diseases instead of managing the complications. This is a paradigm shift in the healthcare ecosystem that will have a major impact on patients' quality of life.

Integrated Care Solutions

Connecting knowledge, expertise, and technologies, enables a beneficial value not only for patients but for all stakeholders while improving healthcare access and reducing the overall costs.
We've been there already and are ready to do it again.
As both founders and investors, we've sat on both sides of the table. We provide more than just capital — we work with founders, entrepreneurs, and management to help them drive and master the core parts of their business so they achieve long-term success.
We provide support from a founder's perspective, so talk to us when it comes to:
Business Set up
Having the right foundation for your start-up business is more important than you might think.
Funding Set up
Planning and organising the capital flow is key to ensuring you can focus on building and not on looking for money.
Team Set up
Especially at the very beginning, making sure you have a team that covers the most important business areas and identifies with your vision and values is essential.
Marketing Set up
The best innovation makes little difference without a strategy to reach the audience.
Let's join forces and transform your brilliant ideas into value!
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